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Find Out What Your Sports Field Will Cost

There is a lot to consider before your sports field project dreams begin to materialize. It’s important to define realistic turf field cost estimates before taking the next steps. 

With our helpful sports facility calculator, your team can gain insight into artificial turf costs. We offer turf field cost estimates for any sized field, different types of materials, and send instant quotes for precision sport court cost planning. Quickly compare turf price per square foot, artificial turf installation costs, and easily find a sports court cost and average turf cost per square foot that aligns with your budget optimizes your indoor or outdoor experience, and inspires the crowd with the perfect field design. Our turf cost estimators are ready to answer your questions and work with you every step of the way.

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Different Types of Sport Facilities

The perfect field or court begins with the right material for your space. Our sports facility calculator accounts for every unique field application, and our artificial turf cost calculator makes it easy to plan an indoor, outdoor, or multi-use field with ease. Many of the materials you can compare with our artificial grass cost calculator apply to a range of facility settings. Our court and artificial grass cost calculator can be used to compare the cost for an artificial turf football field, indoor tennis court, or easily maintained running track surface. 

So how much does turf cost per square foot related to the type of facility? Whether you are researching the cost to build a baseball field, or want to enhance the safety of your tennis courts, easily compare the different material costs with our artificial turf cost calculator.

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Artificial Turf Cost Factors

To achieve the most accurate artificial grass cost per square foot, start by creating an organized list of features that are most important for your space. Factors like the types of sports the turf will be used for, frequency of use, aesthetic preferences, and player safety will all determine which turf is right for you. The type of artificial grass that is right for your facility will also determine the final artificial turf installation cost. You can add these factors into our artificial turf cost calculator or talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Key factors that will affect the artificial grass cost per square foot include: 

  • Face Weight: This refers to the density of artificial grass fibers per yard of turf. A higher face weight turf boasts enhanced durability and more closely replicates the qualities of natural grass, while a lower face weight turf is perfect for practices, less frequent use, or budget-friendly facility installations. Higher face weight turfs will increase a soccer field cost, but lower face weight turfs used for track and field may cost less.  
  • Infill & Layer Materials: From affordable turf cost per square foot with minimal layers of shock absorption to high-impact athletic performance on multi-layered turf systems, the type of backing, inner design, and infill will raise or lower the cost depending on which properties you prefer.
  • Grass Length: So how much does astro turf cost with longer or shorter fibers? Longer fibers maintain a softer feel, are ideal for high traction sports, and cost more. Shorter fibers reduce foot drag, are ideal for sports like baseball or soccer where sliding/minimal ball roll resistance is preferred and will cost less.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost for Outdoor Applications?

If planning an outdoor field, you will want to account for additional artificial turf costs like drainage systems, additional maintenance service. We can also provide estimates for other preference based artificial turf installation costs such as groundwork, field planning, and striping or team logos associated with high school turf field costs. You can receive a turf cost estimate with our turf cost calculator or talking directly with our team today. 

Outdoor sports turf cost is also influenced by turf cost calculator variables like: 

  • Size of the Field
  • Quality & Average Price of the Artificial Turf
  • Amount of Excavation & Groundwork Required
  • Other Details Like Lighting, Fencing, & Bleachers

Synthetic turf cost will vary depending on the brand selected, but in general, turf price per square foot will decrease with smaller fields, lower face weights, and minimal infill materials. If you plan on creating a more natural appearance, want additional turf safety benefits, or plan on incorporating turf into surrounding areas, use our field turf cost calculator to see how much the average cost of artificial turf will increase.

How Much Does a Sport Court Cost?

Due to the diversity of available court surfaces, locations of installation, and overall athletic use requirements, sport court costs vary dramatically. Start by measuring the total surface area, consider which types of sports the court will be used for, and compare the average tennis court cost with a few simple selections in our turf cost calculator.

For indoor sports turf cost estimates, you can expect money without the need for drainage systems or groundwork, and your astroturf cost per square foot will mostly depend on the amount of coverage required. But, you should factor in accompanying sport turf costs like flooring removal or interior renovations that may be required for the best court placement.

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Our sports facility calculator is free to use, always updated for accurate astroturf cost per square foot estimates, and is the easiest way to ensure that your budget aligns with an affordable synthetic turf cost! From spacious high school turf field costs to accurate indoor turf installation costs, we hope that our user-friendly artificial turf cost calculator simplifies every aspect of your field planning process! 

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