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Our tennis court installation costs are actively updated for clear comparisons of the most affordable rates. The cost to resurface and build a tennis court can fluctuate wildly depending on the material available, location of service, and type of installation service required, so be sure to use our calculator every time you need to perform any court services. With our accurate tennis court installation costs, we hope to provide our users with complete project transparency and real-time verification that you are receiving a fair price for any tennis court services received.

Even if you are only curious about outdoor tennis court costs for resurfacing or repairs, our all-inclusive estimates are the best way to verify your project plans. Always free to use, we’ve done our best to simplify everything from indoor tennis facility costs and tennis court surface prices, to accurately updated running track costs and resurfacing options. Try out different dimensions, different surface materials, and even select from unique colors, striping, or logo options to find a tennis court cost to build that respects your wallet and project goals down to the last detail. 

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The surface material of your new tennis court is the most influential factor involved with the cost to build a tennis court. Surface properties directly impact playability, the level of weather-resistance, and affect the frequency of maintenance that will be required to maintain optimal surface conditions. So, how much does it cost to build a tennis court with your preferred surface properties?

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Softer surfaces like artificial grass and clay boast a range of player benefits like joint-protective surface qualities, enhanced traction, and slower ball bounce speeds for both casual and competitive matches. The porous design of artificial grass and clay courts allows for safe outdoor playability during light rain, and are equally beneficial if indoor tennis facility cost savings, ease of installation, and beginner-friendly safety features are your ideal court characteristics. 

Since softer materials like clay and turf are such adaptable surface materials, simplified installation and lower material costs mean that grass/clay court construction costs may be well within your project’s budget. So, how much does a tennis court cost? Use our online calculator to receive an accurate clay court construction cost with just a few selections, like: 

  • Location of the Court
  • Precise Dimensions of the Court
  • Your Preferred Surface Material
  • Other Project Information; Do You Need a Brand New Court, Resurface, or Repair?

If your new court demands weather-resistant durability, high-performance ball bounce, and long-term ease of maintenance, a hard court tennis court cost may be the perfect surface for your project. Hard courts come in a variety of surface composites and provide a level of surface consistency that is ideal for intermediate and advanced tennis players. Easily compare the most popular hard court surfaces with our regularly updated calculator to receive an instant tennis court cost.

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